Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Featured Pogo Fan Site - Badge Hunters!

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine GoofyGoober519 (at pogo) He has a great message board fan site for Pogo Fans. Here is some info about his site. I am a member there and hope you will join too!

BadgeHunter's Forum is a great resource for all Pogo related information. You can stay up to date with any upcoming games, badges, and mini's coming to Pogo in the future. You can discuss anything Pogo, find tips for your favorite games, and even brag about your high Pogo accomplishments. If your stuck on Crossword Cove you can use our answers that we update early every morning! We also regularly hold contests to win prizes, games, tourneys, and other ways to connect with other Badge Hunters like yourself. If you love Badges you'll have to check out our Forum Challenges where you can complete extra challenges for your own badge album located on our site. There are new badges to earn every day! Even if your not in the Pogo mood, you can check out our Off Topic boards to discuss anything from movies, books, video games, world news, computer help, and anything else!

We hope you decide to join our site, we are quickly approaching 400 members! To join our site, go to (Don't forget to bookmark it!) Next, click REGISTER at the top of the page below the logo. All you need is a username, password, and email! When registering, you will see a captcha code (The thing with the squiggly letters/numbers), use CAPS for the letters, it's not case senitive but it get's picky, I find that caps work the best.

If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me at !

BONUS: After registering for the site, introduce yourself in the "Welcome Wagon" section. If you say you joined from you will earn a Special Badge in your Badge Hunters Badge Album! (Note: Your special badge won't be added until you've completed another badge on the site) Below is a picture of the badge you can earn


RILilly said...

Way to go GoofyGoober519. Congrats on your win.

BadgeHunter said...

I wanted to Thank Everyone who has joined me site! You all are AWESOME!!!!! If you haven't joined yet, of course you still can! I am glad to see so many new faces and people posting for the contest. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy PogoTokensForFree & BadgeHunters Forum!